13 April 2014
Social Media
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Why You Need to Participate on Social Media

social mediaWith social media being so incredibly popular, it’s important to have an online personality that reflects your ideas and beliefs. Simply being present on social media is not the same as having a strong online presence. Creating an engaging and respectable social media profile isn’t easy and doesn’t happen overnight. While you might currently be using Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Youtube or  posting on your Facebook page, this doesn’t mean you have a strong presence. Persistence is the key to becoming an integral part on the online conversation and laziness will never be rewarded.

Consider the people you’re targeting with your online presence – do you understand their needs? It’s important to start slow and focus on customers or prospective clients who are interested in what you have to offer. The people you are interacting with on a day-to-day basis are always looking for fresh content and providing this content is the first step to social media success.

Be sure to communicate with customers to determine what they’re interested in and to make sure their needs are being satisfied. Repeat customers provide valuable insight into what is or what isn’t working for you.

A posting schedule is an easy way to manage your time effectively and ensure your social media presence is growing. Be sure to choose a posting schedule that you can manage – it’s important not to fall behind online because everything is constantly changing. Here’s an example schedule you can follow:

Monday – Post some photos of you or your staff at work, or a motivation quote, people love this

Tuesday- Don’t forget to share other peoples content, is not all about you all the times, just make sure the content is quality and gives value to the market.

Wednesday – Link something you believe your fans or followers would be interested in, like your blog or infographics.

Thursday – Post a youtube video and share with all your social networks.

Friday – Be sure to post a thought provoking question in order to get your followers interested and to kick off the weekend with some intense discussion.

Saturday- Ask your audience a question to get insights of what they are looking for.

Sunday- Offer a discount, promotion, sale to get people to buy, Sunday is when most people are online so take advantage of it.


These are few examples you can use, do not limit yourself with just one post a day, make sure you post 3-5 daily and always be consistent.

If you are unable to manage your time properly and fail to stay on schedule, there are many other tools and methods that can be used to improve your productivity when it comes to social media.  Look for social media tools that will help you.

Try to find people who would benefit from the skills and services you will provide. Look for where potential customers are spending their time online. What websites are they visiting? How are they spending their time? What sort of content are they interacting with? Many people already have their own social media routine and will be unwilling or unable to help you, but the opportunies are endless.


If you see another online presence with similar interests be sure to comment and attempt to discuss your thoughts and ideas with them. Networking is a great way to expand your presence both online and offline. Even if industry experts are sharing content about topics you’re knowledgeable in don’t hesitate to contact them and provide your own quality and relevant content. Never be afraid to reach out because you never know what relationships will be formed and how you will benefit.

How does this affect you?

Using social media effectively will enable you to create a large audience of people that are interested in the content you provide and are willing to provide support. When you have products or services available this audience will be happy and willing to help you out and spread your content across the web. Using social media and creating a solid online presence is a great way to promote a cause, sell a product, or simply get your content out there.

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