6 October 2013
Social Media
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Tips For Being More Personable On Social Media


Social media has been an indispensable tool for keeping loyal clients engaged and recruiting new customers to come on board.  While a majority of new businesses are using social media to reach out to potential customers, these strategies can fall flat if content and conversations aren’t useful, interesting, and most importantly, personable.

Personalize Your Social Media Pages

It’s important to remind yourself of your business’s goals.  For example, what’s your company’s mission, principle, or story?  What makes your business distinct and unique from others in your niche?  In order to personalize your brand on social media, it’s critical to address these questions and ask yourself how you can reflect these qualities in a social media setting.

Social media operates much differently than other marketing tactics.  Rather than writing content that’s appropriate for a product page or press release, social media is all about conversations.  Conversational content is personable, real, and relatable.  That’s why it’s important to pay close attention to how your own social media followers engage with you, otherwise known as inbound conversation.

Make sure that the tone of your social media content makes sense for your brand.  If you’re a children’s retail company for example, you wouldn’t want to address your audience as if they were visiting a Facebook page for PHP coding.  Plus, don’t be afraid to give your social media content that human touch as well.  Start giving your overall writing style and tone some thought; tweaking your sentence structure even just a little can make all the difference.

Common Sense Communication

Social media has become the #1 hub for breaking world news, up-to-the-minute celebrity gossip, political scandals, recent scientific discoveries, and many more hot button issues.  Current events always trigger a slew of tweets, Facebook posts, and Google+ updates from around the world.  Social media followers have a tendency to react in the moment too, revealing that human quality yet again.

However, don’t follow suit for the sake of remaining personable with your followers.  You can still maintain a cool, conversational, and personable relationship with your followers without ruffling any feathers.  Avoid engaging in Twitter fights, cyber-bullying, leaving rude comments, or encouraging your followers to engage in any inappropriate behavior as well.  Remain diplomatic with social media users and your business competition.  Negative comments are notorious for spreading like wildfire on the web!

To avoid crossing those invisible social media lines, create a list of content topics that are strictly off limits.  However, don’t shy away from encouraging healthy and thought-provoking debate amongst your followers.  A great way to do this is to tweet a poll about a hot button issue that’s relevant to your target niche.

Have Consistent Social Skills

Most companies put teams in charge of managing their social media marketing campaigns.  As a result, multiple individuals are leading and engaging in conversations online.  This can pose a challenge for teams who’re trying to craft a consistent online persona.  To avoid this problem, draft out a list of conversation guidelines for tone, style, and content.  This will keep any focused social media management team on the same page.

Fortunately, real leaders can emerge from online engagement.  Some people are just naturally more social than others and enjoy the challenge of meeting new people and sparking interesting conversations.  A consistent, personable social media strategy depends on the right people taking on roles that play to their strengths.  You can absolutely put a focused strategy in place without sacrificing relatable, up-to-the-minute conversations.

A fantastic example to learn from is Grubhub’s social media strategy.  As a brand, Grubhub built a calm, cool, and collected vibe.  Not only does this make potential customers feel more comfortable, but it’s helped their brand translate extremely well on social media.  This also shows that their social media management team is on the same wavelength, following guidelines for conversation consistency.

Don’t forget to keep that element of spontaneity while working toward consistency though.  Spontaneity keeps social media followers interested and engaged, which in turn inspires retweets, Facebook likes, re-shares, and many more social signals.

While revamping your social media strategy can be a challenge, building a consistent brand identity will result in better online engagement, more organic followers, an increase of traffic to your site, and so much more!

How is your business’s or company’s social media skills? What skills do you need improvement on?


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