25 July 2014
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The Three Most Common Mistakes That Businesses Make On Pinterest



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Pinterest is one of the upcoming, trendy, new social media networks that is ideal especially for small businesses and non-profit organizations. Using Pinterest for business is one of the best appropriate methods to communicate with your potential customers about your brand and what you really are.

Following are some important guidelines that you could follow to avoid the three most commonly made mistakes by businesses which amounts to reduce the expected outcome out of a Pinterest page.


1) Incomplete Profiles

  • Creating a complete profile full of details which will represent your business is the first step in starting up a successful business on Pinterest. Use a logo and the name of the business, this helps to recognize your business easily and clearly on Pinterest, add a short description about you in your profile and add the location along with it.
  • Link to other social media network such as Facebook and Twitter for your customers to follow you. The Pintrest Account Settings will link the social networks into your account easily. Also use the powerful tool of ‘word of mouth’ to spread the word that you are on Pinerest, which will remind and keep your customers alert to pin your content.
  • Use hashtags and keywords to fill in your description about your niche as hashtags become ‘clickable search’ that helps to easily search you.
  • Have a verified site linked to your Pinterest account for more credibility and reliability. This will also give you access to free analytics which will help you monitor and track your happenings on Pinterest.


2) Inefficient use of Boards

  • Avoid having incomplete boards. Having incomplete boards make customers feel that you are less interested about your own business, which makes them walk away too. This gives a negative impression about your business and reduces professionalism. Hold on until you collect all information before you create a new board.
  • Dumping all your information into one board without categorizing or having irrelevant boards about your business is also a wrong move. Always create boards which will relate to the type of your business to imply that you are focused.


 3) Pinning

  • Pin information that are worthy for your business.
  • Install a ‘pin it’ button onto your browser.
  • Don’t post too many pins on the same day. If you have to, spare at least a gap between to show that you are constant and not in a rush.
  • Add a pin description or link to source pins using related keywords.


Any business can maximize their profit, popularity and social exposure if it avoid these three mistakes and follow the above mentioned instructions to the point. Which of these can you improve on?

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