10 June 2013
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The 6 Things You Should Never Do On Social Media


When you’re on social media sites, there are certain rules you’ll want to follow. As an internet marketer you might want to follow the rules or these can easily make or break your reputation. We’ve pinpointed 6 things you should avoid doing in your social media platforms.


1) Not being patient

This is a very common problem i see that business owners or even internet marketers make. Many start their  journey and create fan pages for their specific niche. They work on their social media and after a month or two they don’t see results they get frustrated and simply quit. Being patient will pay off, you will not see results one day to another. This takes patience, testing, and constantly learning.

2) Don’t post constantly

As a general rule, you should always post 3 or less times a day. Posting often will annoy your followers and worse they will unfollow or unlike you. You don’t want to seem that you are just spamming them with nothing but posts about your business. Share information and pictures that your audience will enjoy, and don’t forget sometimes less is better.

3) Don’t talk about Religion or Politics

There’s just some things you don’t want to mix with business; such as religion and politics. Social media is meant to share valuable information and news with your audience and friends. There is one certainty once you bring up religion and politics, and that’s argument. Everyone has their own opinion and preference when it comes down to this. But, this is not the time and place to bring up religion or politics. Take advantage and entertain your audience with valuable information with blogs, pictures and videos.

4) Not being Involved

Not getting involved is a serious mistake that business owners make. Make sure you are getting involved in conversations such as  answering back to certain comments or even complaints. Always get involved with your audience let them know you are a real person behind the company. Being involved will give your company an authentic look and trust.

5) Not using the right pictures

In social media , pictures are worth a thousand words. Using the right pictures in your social media platforms is like eye candy to your audience and has a higher chance of getting more exposure. Make sure you find pictures that will catch attention fast, because you got only seconds to impress. The key is to make sure your picture stands out from the rest.

6) Not understanding your analytics

Social Media analytic tools are important. Not understanding analytics is a critical mistake online marketers make.  Set your goals and determine what do you want to track, it can be  engagement or even a campaign. Learning how to read your social media analytics can show you what engages your audience the most and what doesn’t. You can then work on eliminating what’s not working for you, and focus on what is working for you.

Social Media for business can get tricky at times, knowing the do’s and don’ts is important! Are you guilty of any of these 6 things, if so which one(s)?

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