8 May 2013
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Secrets to Successful Blogging











Blogs have become very successful and popular,  and they can actually bring in profits if they are managed and marketed the right way. Earning profits from a blog doesn’t require selling anything. Profits can be from ad banners, and affiliate links. The key is to draw the attention of a large audience and keep them coming back for more valuable information.

There are many types of blogs, among them, the most common types are:

1) Personal blogs: These blogs take the form of an online diary and contains thoughts, poems, experiences, and other personal matters of your personal life.

2) Topical blogs: These blogs focus on a certain topic or niche, discussing specific aspects of the chosen niche.

3) Company blogs: As its name suggests, these are discussions about the business or company, the key is to give valuable information.

In order to have a successful blog that attracts a lot of visitors and keep them coming back, you need to follow some simple rules. Here are a few tips:

Before you begin blogging, decide on what you are going to be writing about. There are many hot topics to blog about. If you decide to begin a blog on a specific niche, such as nutrition, be sure to keep your blog short and interesting.

Add fresh, quality content to your blog. If you have quality content people like to read, they will return to your blog and share it with their friends and family in social media. Posting articles containing useful information on your blog is very beneficial for attracting more traffic.

Update the blog on a regular basis. You should try to update your blog daily or 3 times a week.  Invite guest bloggers to share some of their content as well. This brings the guest blogger’s audience to your blog!

Make sure you readers have to say in the comment area. Always pay attention to the readers’ suggestions, questions and comments. Use that to help you decide what you readers are looking for, and for the next blog you can use this to your advantage.

Another key is to keep it short and concise – Readers usually like to quickly skim a blog for quick information. People don’t want to read long blogs.

Include atleast a  picture or two in your blog. Your readers can pin them on Pinterest.

Announce the launch of any new blog on your social media profiles. Encourage your followers to read and share!

Finally, remember to submit to popular, high quality blog directories such as Feedster, Blogstreet, and Best of the Web Blog Directory to help you boost your web traffic and link popularity!

If you respect these rules you will most likely have a successful blog, and you will be rewarded in the process.


In which area of your blog would you say you need to improve?

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