13 May 2014
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Pinterest Marketing Tips




pinterest marketing tips


Social media sites provide amazing marketing opportunities to businesses of all shapes and sizes.  Pinterest has quickly grown into one of the largest of these, falling into position right behind Facebook and Twitter.  Much of what makes Pinterest so appealing is its ability to provide amazing visuals to its user profiles.

Pinterest might have started out as a social site that catered to businesses with actual products to pin, but that is far from the case today.  Now, with just a little bit of creativity, any business can take advantage of a Pinterest profile, and use it to drive an incredible amount of traffic to their website or blog.  There is, however, the hurdle of the Pinterest “Board” and “Pin” system to get past before this can happen.

The “Board” and “Pin” system that Pinterest uses might seem difficult at first glance however, it is actually much easier to use than you might think.   Much like a physical bulletin board that uses push pins and index cards to advertise local area businesses (in a local area gas station or market), adding images and videos to your Pinterest profile is simple.

After creating a basic profile, you are encouraged to create your first “Board”.  Each “Board” contained in your profile represents an individual category, and is capable of holding a number of appropriate “Pins”.  The “Pins” are the images, and videos, that you will use to draw users in.  “Pins” are great in that they can be linked to a specific location on the internet (such as your website or blog).

As you can see, there is incredible potential to drive traffic in whatever direction that you want it to go.  The key is in coming up with a strategy that will effectively accomplish three individual tasks.

  1. Produce images that are visually pleasing to the eye.
  2. Encourage one-time visitors to become regular customers.
  3. Promote the overall brand rather than the individual product.

With the right amount of creativity, Pinterest can be used to effectively market any business.  This can be especially useful in the case of content marketers today.  The following are five Pinterest marketing tips, as they relate to using a Pinterest “Board to create content that potential customers will see as being valuable.

1. Create a “Board” to Showcase Your Videos

The fact is that images are the most popular “Pins” that you will find on Pinterest however, profiles that include a video “Board” tend to draw in more potential followers than those that don’t.  There is an incredible benefit to adding videos to your profile, in that videos greatly increase the amount of creativity that you can put into your overall marketing strategy.  This is the perfect time to show off those incredible video testimonials that you’ve been dying to show off.

2.  Provide Visitors with Useful How-To’s 

This tip falls along the same lines as the first tip, but with an amazing twist.  As if adding videos to your profile weren’t enough, you can now attract even more visitors by being useful in a very real way.  People simply love it when they are able to find information that they can apply to real-life situations.  The fact that it can be watched, rather than read, is a fantastic bonus.

3. Create a “Board” that Highlights Valuable Reading Material 

This could easily be one of your biggest assets as a content marketer.  It only makes sense that you would provide educational (or entertaining) material to an audience that shows interest in that particular area.  If you happen to know anyone who is a writer, you can use this “Board” to promote one another.

4. Specify a “Board” to be used for Promoting Upcoming Events

As a content marketer, it is highly probably that either you, or someone that you know, will be involved in a speaking engagement from time to time.  This is the perfect opportunity to kill two birds with one stone.  An event “Board” can be used to notify customers of these incredible opportunities, while filling a few chairs that might have otherwise been empty.

5. Create a Resource “Board” to Share 

There is no expiration date on useful information, so posting it on a resource “Board” makes perfect sense.  The thing to remember is that useful information can go a very long way.  It keeps current customers happy, while encouraging potential customers to jump on board.

While each of the Pinterest marketing tips covered has the potential of increasing business traffic exponentially, there is no limit to the creativity that can be added to a Pinterest marketing campaign.  Creating a Pinterest profile, to use for your content marketing needs, is the first step to experiencing all of the wonderful benefits that only a Pinterest profile can provide!

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