Grow your business with a Qr code reader

How they work:
Take a mobile phone such as the iPhone; nearly ever mobile phone has a digital camera in today’s world. The camera, along with decoding software can be used to capture a picture of the QR-Code, of which the QR-Code software decoder can then transform the data held with the QR-Code to a meaningful action for the mobile phone:
  • Connect to websites
  • Take your audience to  your videos
  • Collect leads by send ing your target market to a landing page.
  • Download a MP3
  • Google maps
  • and much more.

Create Mobile Landing pages

Have you ever visited a landing page with your mobile device that wasn’t optimized for mobile visitors? Yo can become frustrated, It’s likely to move on to something else. These types of  experiences are not good for conversions. Redirecting mobile visitors to mobile optimized pages will help your mobile visitors focus their attention immediately and increase your conversions.
  • Have an “Call to Action”
  • Higher conversion
  • Use a click to Call your number
  • Be local
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