21 May 2014
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How Men Are Missing Out On Pinterest




how men are missing out on pinterest

Men are missing out on Pinterest. One of the biggest niches I see not taking advantage of Pinterest, are contractors and even realtors. In which these niches are related, they have the biggest views on Pinterest. In this blog I’ll share ways on how Men Are Missing Out On Pinterest for business or even a personal blog.


1) Grow Your Blog

One of the best ways to grow a blog is with Pinterest. With millions of blogs out there you know there’s many guys blogging. So why are they not pinning? Most of them think it’s just for weddings, ideas, and recipes. That is not the case. I provide services and, Pinterest let me tell you, it has helped me grow my blog and build an audience. If you’re starting out, blog everyday to burst through the noise. One of the reasons I love Pinterest is that pins have a long shelf live. So that means your pins can be pinned over and over. Pinterest can  work even if you’re a personal trainer, and provide services just to name a few.


2) Not Taking Advantage As A Contractor

I strongly believe that contractors are missing out because a big portion of Pinterest is dedicated to home designs . Let’s say you have a Construction business, a good way to engage with your audience is by sharing videos on how-to-guides, blogging, infographics, commenting, and sharing ideas and  pictures from your previous work. Follow these and you will build trust and loyal followers you might even land a contract for an upcoming project. Be the go to guy in your niche. Be careful not to spam. The key is to be active and creative. This works well with almost every niche from interior designers, exterior designers, architects, electricians, realtors, painters, just to name a few.


3) Retailers

Ok, let’s say you have a online handyman tool store. Since the mojority of Pinterest users are Women, you might think that pinterest is not for you. I disagree with that, most of pinners are Do-It-Yourselfers. If a women decides to build something she most likely is going to need tools to get the job done. This is your chance to provide value and show  how your tools can make the person’s life easier. If your selling a gardening tool make sure you create a Board called Tool Box and pin something from your website to that board and add a #hashtag to the pin’s description. Adding a hashtag can help you be found on Pinterest with the search box.


Are you a guy and have not created a Pinterest account? I just gave you ideas and how you can start using Pinterest today. Take advantage of the fastest growing social media site, and start Pinning!


gjeGerson J Estrada

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