25 March 2015
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How to Hire the Right Website Developer


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As your business grows or you as an individual have development needs, you are probably looking for the best way to hire the right website developer.  You may not know where to start, so here I will share tips on how you can carefully choose the right person for the job.  I hope that you will avoid the painful process that I had to go through when I was in the same situation.  Going about this the right way can save you hundreds of dollars.


1.)   Start out with a small project:

  • When you find a developer that may be right for you, give them a small project to try out their services.
  • See if the developer goes above and beyond what is required to get the job done.
  • Take note of the developer’s communication skills.  They must be able to talk with you well enough to understand your needs, provide you feedback and get the job done.

2.)  Sourcing:

  • When searching for a website developer you can locate freelancers on a variety of sites such as Fiverr, oDesk, eLance and others.
  • Never go with the absolute lowest price as you may need to pay a little more to get quality service but still at a bargain price.
  • Skype with the individual to ask questions whenever possible.

3.)  Portfolios:

  • Ask to see their previous work if they don’t volunteer it.
  • Look at their work carefully and make sure the style matches what you are looking for.
  • Look at the reviews and feedback the developer has received from other clients.

4.)  Full-Time or Part-Time:

  • Consider your goals.  You may only need someone part-time to handle basic tasks and deal with short term projects.  If you decide that you need someone for longer term or more complex projects, you may need a full-time virtual assistant.
  • In my experience you should only consider hiring full-time help if they are very skilled at what they do, go above and beyond, and are committed to the work at hand.  If you find someone that consistent and reliable, though, you may want to go ahead and hire them.  If you don’t, someone else certainly will.  A professional and highly capable worker will be hired rapidly and gone while you are left looking for yet another developer.

I hope these hints and tips were helpful to you.  I genuinely want to assist others in avoiding the pitfalls that I went through.  I realized that the process does not have to be that painful if you go about the steps in a better way. Please share your experiences!  We would love to hear from you.


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