10 February 2013
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Create a quality website here are a few tips


Having a internet business, the most important tools your business is your website. The following are a few tips that will help you create a website that sells, and why being ahead of the game is important.


* Check you spelling and grammar. Many people judge websites by the quality of the writing.  So make sure you go back and double check.


* Make sure the META tags, Title, Image, Keywords, ALT tags are in the right areas. This will help you in the search engines.


* Use effective sales copy. Learn to write sales letters.


* In the word Internet marketing, what counts is traffic back to your website. Make sure have visitor’s coming back. The key is to keep updating or changing content.


* Provide valuable content and giveaways such as E-book, free tutorials, webinar, and videos.


* I highly Recommend is to dedicate a page to the testimonials of your existing customers. This will allow your new visitor’s to gain trust.


* Provide contact details. Don’t make it hard to find you. Include address, phone number and email addresses for requesting information or support.


*. Create a “Privacy Statement” page to educate the visitors, exactly how the personal information you collect from them is being used.


* Create videos. Studies show your website visitor’s rather see a video than read a long paragraph.


* Give money-back guarantee. The customer will feel more comfortable.


These are a few tips you can apply to your website .In what area would you say your website needs improvement in?





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