14 April 2013
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6 Reasons You Need To Blog For Your Business



Are you missing out?  If you are not blogging for your business, then you should be!  I have come up with 6 reasons why every business should have an active blog.

1. Updating your blog helps you keep in touch with your existing audience and customer base. You can publish updates, news, valuable information.

2. A blog can help you attract new customers.  If your blog answers the visitors question or helps their interest you have just found another lead. Keep in mind to keep posting valuable information that your readers are looking for.  By doing this you will grow a loyal base readers.

3. Blogs can help you build your reputation in a particular field, you become the go to guy/girl for that particular niche.  As your blog grows you will demonstrate your knowledge and readers will run to you with questions.

4. Blogs are good revenue streams. You can sell ad space on your blog, or include affiliate ads.

5. A great way to generate leads is through blogging.  If you don’t want to put any advertising on your blog you can add a newsletter sign up form to create and build your list.  This is great because the people reading your blog are already interested in the niche that you write about.  It’s true what they say, (the money is in the list).

6. Creating your own blog is the easiest way to establish a presence on the Internet, even easier than ever.  The most important part is to have an active community. You want to encourage people to comment on your blog, make it social.

These are a few reasons on why you should be starting your own blog.  Are you blogging for your business now, or what’s keeping you away from starting?

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