23 May 2013
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5 Ways To Engage In Social Media


With m0re than a billion active users, interacting with your audience should be a key component to your strategy. If you are not creating engaging content for your followers, then you are leaving social media benefits on the table. We’ve brought you some tips on how to help you engage with your audience in social media. You don’t want to be left behind in the crowd of this fast moving world.


1. Videos.


The demand on videos for social media is extremely high. This tool is so powerful either to generate leads, give out valuable information or even drive sales, videos should not be overlooked. Create a YouTube account and be active. You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on video and lighting equipment. Simply invest in a webcam or a camera. Make it short and fun, people enjoy videos.


2. Call To Action.


Either you want your audience to share your content, generate leads or even engage with your audience. The right call to action is key. Tell your audience what to do next. Simply use keywords such as “SHARE”, “CLICK HERE”, or “LIKE”. Using these calls to action will ensure you more engagement with your audience.


3. Contest.


Run a contest once in while. For example, if you have a weight loss business, don’t run a contest with the prize being a free iPad, Your business will get many people interested in the iPad, rather than your business. You might want to run a contest to win a free nutritional supplement, something of that nature. You need to concentrate on getting quality leads related to your niche. Running a contest is a smart idea to rack up more followers. Just tell your followers to share your contest with their friends and family. Make sure you make it fun.


4 Respond to customer feedback.


Sometimes you can come across a rude, or an unhappy client. Which will message you or even worse, post on your wall or comment on a post. Don’t ignore them, ¬†that’s the worst thing you can do on your part, just address the situation. This will show you care about you reputation and about the customer’s satisfaction. Most of the time they end up being happy clients. Monitor all your platform’s feed-backs, this will either make you or break your online business.


5. It’s Not All About Selling.


Your audience is not ready to buy just yet. Social media gives you the chance to engage with your audience. Being a sales person in social media would not get you far enough. People will get irritated, will ignore you or even worse, unlike you. Social media should be fun, informative, and entertaining! Concentrate on building trust and authority first.


And there are your 5 tips.  Which of these would you put to practice so you can engage more with your audience?

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