20 August 2014
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5 Things Not To Do On Pinterest





Social media networks have quickly grown into the most visited sites on the internet and Pinterest is right up there with the best of them.  Assuming that you already know the benefits of using Pinterest, we will stay away from descriptions of the site itself.  There are also numerous articles out there describing how to use Pinterest, so we will not be focusing on that either.  What we will focus on is five of the biggest “Don’ts” where Pinterest is concerned.

1) Do Not Let Your Boards Get Unorganized– This might seem unimportant but it is actually more critical than you could imagine.  That is especially the case if you are a business attempting to build up a steady following.  An unorganized board is a sure sign of an individual, or business, who really doesn’t know what they are doing.

The best way to avoid this is to delete unnecessary boards and pins that might be in the incorrect category.  You can also consider changing a board’s title, category or description so that it is easily understood by all those who visit.  Applying these to your Pinterest account will help people find your account much quicker in the end.

2) Do Not Allow Spam to Take Over – This is something that is quite easily overlooked by anyone unfamiliar with the workings of Pinterest.  It gets even worse as your follower count increases.  If you are one of those individuals who gets frequent messages from followers, and simply lets it sit without double checking the content, then you are definitely at high risk of being spammed.

The easiest way to overcome this problem is to watch for Pinterest alerts stating that you received a comment and then immediately checking the comment for relevance.  If it is a legitimate comment, then let it ride but if it turns out to be spam, then block and report the comment to Pinterest Support Staff.  Keeping up with this will keep your actual followers much happier than otherwise.

3) Do Not Over-Pin – One of the easiest mistakes to make is to get way too carried away with pinning.  I’m talking about those individuals who put up 15-20 pins in a single session.  This is actually counter-productive.

The best way to go about pinning is to keep your pins down to 2-3 pins in a single session (not going over 5-7 per session).  There is a specific reason for this and that is to keep curiosity up.  When you keep your pins down to a lower number like this, you are giving your followers just enough to keep them coming back for more.  That helps ensure that your Pinterest traffic stays up, as time goes by.

4) Do Not Forget to Describe Yourself – Your profile description is much more important than you could imagine.  You would think that your board and pins are top priority but it is actually your description that plays the biggest role in keeping your follower count growing.  When you describe yourself thoroughly, you help people understand who you are and your purpose for what it is you are pinning on your boards.

5) Do Not Forget to Verify Your Site – Verifying your site is more about branding than anything else and that is highly important for any business.  When you verify your site through Pinterest, you help to drive traffic to your site and this can have multiple benefits that we won’t be covering at this time.  What I will say is that verifying your website helps visitors know (beyond the shadow of a doubt) that you and your business are absolutely legitimate.

Knowing what ‘not to do’ on Pinterest is just as important as knowing what ‘to do’ on Pinterest, so work these into how you set-up your Pinterest account and begin reaping the benefits today!

5 things not to do on pinterest


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