18 April 2014
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5 Steps to Boost Your Email Marketing Campaign

5 ways to boost youe email campaigns



One always wants the email marketing campaign to be successful. But this whole process is based on some conventional methods. If acted smartly, these points can optimize the effect of your company’s email marketing campaign. So, before you plan your next email campaign, make sure you follow the guidelines stated below.


  • Email List: This is the most significant aspect for any kind of email marketing campaign. One should always check the Email address list before stating the promotion work. You should check whether the names in the list are recent, and have they agreed to be accepted for your marketing promotion. Are the people stated in the list interested in any of the services or products similar to yours? Last and the most important point – use the in-house list which you have created or purchased from a reliable agent.


  • The Subject Line: When the user sees your email, the one thing that compels the user to open your message is the subject line of your email. To use the best line for your campaign, divide the testing process in three random groups. Note down each response you get from sent mail and choose the line which provides best results. For the follow up emails, attempt to control the answer rate of control email.



  • Track the Results: By tracking the results of your email campaign, you will be able to determine the customer who have opened the email, and clicked the links which have been put in the content of your email. With this data you can determine the next email marketing campaign. While analyzing any email campaign, always notice the subject line, content and embedded links use in the email marketing.


  • Keep check of your Unsubscribe Link Placement and Settings: As per the CAN-SPAM act of 2003, every company going for email marketing campaign contains clear information for customers who wish to opt out from the mailing list. If the user has requested to be no longer connect to your email campaign, it’s best to remove the user data from list than to be convicted as spammer.



  • Detail Checking After Launching: Sometimes, we get so much involved in the marketing process that we tend to ignore the most basic guideline for a successful campaign – Final Checking. After starting your every email marketing campaign, count the number of emails which were open, got clicked, made through final purchase. Divide this data as per the date of email, time, subject line used, content and list which proved to be maximum success. This data will be very beneficial for your next email marketing campaign for sure.


Creating a successful email marketing is all about presenting your products and services in a smart way. Follow the rules and make sure the email is delivered in the correct way. By using the rules listed above in the article, we guarantee you a successful email marketing campaign for your business and it will be consistent from time to time.

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