2 June 2013
Social Media
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5 Social Media Content Ideas


One of the most difficult tasks that business owners stress and struggle with is, creating content for their audience for social media. Social media is suppose to be a fun experience not stressful. But it is important to create content meeting high standards relevant to your audience. Creating quality content will build your reputation and the audience’s trust. The key here is to be creative and don’t appear to be predictable, give them juicy content, and soon you will become the person they to go to. To get the ball rolling, here are a few ideas.


1) Run a contest

Among the benefits, a social media contest is an effective mean of generating more followers. This is one of the most powerful ideas you can run on social media. Whether it’s through caption contest, sweepstakes, raffles etc. Make sure whatever you’re giving away for free is relevant to your niche. If you’re in the clothing business, give away a shirt or a gift card. If done correctly, it can capture the attention of your target audience. Keep in mind to encourage a call to action such as “LIKE” & “SHARE”. This is will increase your exposure through social media. Mention your contest on your other social media platforms. Pick the winner, award the prize, and most important contact the winner. Make it simple and fun.

2) Videos

Just putting texts as your status can be boring. Creating videos is a great way for you to connect directly with your audience. Followers love videos because they’re entertaining, engaging, and highly shareable. For example teach them how to use a product, answer questions, and help others. If done correctly your audience will share the videos and will give you more exposure. Once in a while, include your team this will give your brand that trust that people are looking for in social media.

3) Form a discussion

This is one of my favorite tactics,  you can build trust and most important get to know your audience better. Simply ask a question to get people interacting. When engaging with your audience always mention their names. Must be fun and entertaining.

4) Quotes

Use quotes to inspire your readers. Does not matter what niche you’re in, there’s always a positive quote you can share on a weekly basis to your audience. Warning: Don’t do this on a daily basis you will become  predictable. I strongly suggest to use a  call to action such as “SHARE” or “LIKE” this will guarantee more exposure.

5) Share links

Share links such as blogs, pictures, articles, videos or even other statuses. Don’t just share your own content use other business’s  information as well. This will ensure your audience that it’s not all about you all of the time.

Which content creating tactics have you used for your business? Have they proven to work well?

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