5 August 2013
Social Media
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5 Ideas On Creating Content On Pinterest

Pinterest is driving more traffic than Google+, YouTube, and LinkedIn combined. Sharing content such as blogs, contests, or even videos from a good source are vital. Any business that relies on website traffic for their website, should consider using pinterest. So what content can help you get more exposure for your business? The content can be videos, contests, info-graphics, quotes and even blogs. Make sure your content offers value to your readers. Content is key.


1) Contest – This is a great way to increase brand awareness. Make sure your contest is visually appealing. Ask your followers to “repin” to get more exposure. One great way to get the word out is by cross promoting your contest through other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. A huge percentage of people are using mobile, make sure you contest is mobile friendly.


2) Infographics- Pinterest is now the third most popular social network in the U.S.A. in terms of traffic. So information is crucial. And since people actually judge books by its cover on the internet. Graphics are crucial to get your follower’s attention. In other words, a picture is worth a thousand words. So an infographic can definitely be a benefit for displaying your information.  The  infographic must be compelling and attractive. And don’t forget to embed a logo in your design, this will increase brand awareness.


3) Blogs- Pinterest has become one of the biggest referrers for blogs. One of the benefits that it has is that you can use this to create content on pinterest, by adding an attention grabbing photo in your blog, you can than “Pin” it. Make sure you have a “Pin It”  button on your blog. This is will increase exposure from different types of traffic resources you are working with. Pinterest is a good way to connect with readers.


4) Videos- Using videos on pinterest can be very helpful. The key is to create rich content, and that is related to your niche. Many users are quick browsers so keep your videos short. Put a “Pin It” button next to your video. Always remember to put a brief description about your video once you Pin it.


5) Quotes- Many people love inspirational quotes. They truly encourage and inspire. Make sure you make a board only for quotes, and link those pins back to your website. This strategy can help you increase interaction on Pinterest with more “repins” and potential clicks and increased traffic to your site.


Which one of these ideas have you tried for your business’s Pinterest account and how were the interactions?





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