9 February 2014
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3 Ways Brands Can Take Advantage of Social Media



Brands now should take advantage of social media. Not only are they able to showcase their definition through words, but they can put up pictures that will help visualize and conceptualize their products for people to see. The most advanced social media techniques can work out for you especially when they are of the latest release. Keep in touch with the latest trends in advertising with the use of social media and also take advantage of the old strategies that are currently maintaining their place on the center stage.

Pinterest and Instagram are the best social media platforms for those who can advertise their business with striking images and videos. Products such as clothes, crafts and e-commerce are rising because of the “pinnable” properties that they have. That doesn’t mean that there is a limit to only the e-commerce side of the business that will produce better results with Pinterest. The non-eCommerce can also make use of this social media to the maximum with just a few tips.


 Give Them Something Informative 

Readers and users love the surge of information. Information is power. Give them facts that will allow them to make more use of the product and tips to let them save time while using it. In making things easier for the users, you can include ideas and facts in the form of other uses, crafts that you can make out of it, the myths about your product and the fun facts that go with it.


 Be Visually Attractive

Words are boring. Making them see what you are selling will make help them grasp easily. First time users can easily capture the concept of your product if you make it a visual presentation. You can make use of videos and info graphics in order to increase the awareness of what you are selling. Making links of blog posts to your photos as well as getting information from Pinterest experts on how to visualize your products will do you wonders.


 Free Stuff for Everybody

You can grow followers on Pinterest when you offer exclusive promos and deals. Things like Giftcards, free products, giveaways and promos that can only be unlocked by giving out promo codes are the best magnets to attract a crowd.


One main benefit of social media is attracting a diverse group of people. So this means more buyers for your products. It also creates a wide impact of awareness to those who are not yet familiar with the things you are selling. On Pinterest, it will be easy to find potential clients that will soon be a part of your loyal buyers. Taking advantage of social media sites can be very beneficial to those who would like to make a mark with their brands.


Have you created a contest on Pinterest or Instagram for your business?

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