18 May 2013
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10 Things A Must Know About Social Media Marketing‏

1. Social media is social.

Social Media is not only about promotions or just broadcasting. People are looking to interact with a real person. Have conversations with your followers, let them know there’s a real person behind the scenes.


2. Set Your goals.

Remember to always set goals. From Reputation Manageent, branding, word of mouth, or driving sales. Concentrating on your goals will have a deep impact in your business. And will help you stay focused.


3. Choose what platforms you want to participate in.

There are hundreds of social media platforms out there. I recommend choosing a handful. Start with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube  Linked In, Google+,  and the one that’s becoming more popular is Pinterest. Concentrate on the one that’s working for you.


4. Content is key.

The key to being successful, is content. Give valuable content to your readers. It could be through blogs, posts, videos, and even prizes. Let your readers know that you’re the king of that specific niche.


5. Don’t be predictable.

Mix it up with videos, statuses, and always sharing people’s links. Don’t be predictable make it fun.


6. Blog

Blogging is a great a social media tool you can use. You can share information with your readers.


7. Collect E-mails for your list.

We recommend collecting emails from your social media platforms. Don’t forget that social media and email marketing go hand in hand.


8. Study your Analytics.

The only way to measure your success and see whats working for you and what’s not. Knowing how to read your analytics is crucial. For example, Facebook has insights so you can measure this. It will show you what post people are interacting more with and you can concentrate on creating something similar to that post.


9. Reputation Management.

This will either will make or break your business. Always respond to people’s comments even if it’s negative. When responding always mention there name. This is a must for customer service.


10. Don’t stop learning.

Social Media is always changing from time to time. I know it’s a challenge to keep up with this. But if you use social media on a daily basis you will notice and adapt to these changes faster.


These are the top few tips which can help you improve in your Social Media Marketing. Don’t forget to follow us at Quick Alliance for more tips and a chance to win prizes.

Which of these tips are you going to put in action in your business today?




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